Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's get this party started.

Sven more artists completes the group. Y'all must have some contacts and favorites you know would enjoy an exchange like this. Please feel encouraged to invite them. Then y'all can start to exchange sketchbooks.

Happy new year.


Marty Harris said...

Have any contacts, friends, or favorites that you know would love to be involved in an exchange like this? Invite them. We are looking for seven more artists. Send me their info, and I will hook them up to the blog.

Happy new year!

southofthecliff said...

Thanks for the invite.

Just to make sure I understand everything:

The style of moleskine is not determined - we send out whichever one we want.

Once we get the green light (before?) we draw our self portrait and send the skine to the next person in line.

Once we receive a skine, we draw another self portrait AND a portrait of the owner of the skine.

Happy new year everyone, and thanks again Marty.

Marty Harris said...

you got it, buddy. thanks for joining the group.

happy new year to you, josh.

gimp308 said...

I have just joined Fickr and wish to join a portrait group. I'm in Australia and is this a problem?

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's a problem, gimp.

friend me on flickr (
and i'll try to hook you up!!

we'd love to have you!

Anonymous said...

i'd also like in if possible

emon xie said...

DBM, I've set you with admin rights, so you're in. You should be able to add posts and art up.

Anonymous said...

oh there, i figured it out, thanks e

sonsational said...

just came across this awesome project and i wonder if i could participate?

check out my moleskines at
and let me know if theres a chance for me to join.

my english might suck a bit, im from germany :P

munition said...

My name is Julie, I'm from Montreal, Canada. I'm new on flickr, and not so familiar with that, but I'm really interrested to participate!

please let me know when this project will get started