Thursday, February 26, 2009

aAron's Bio

Hey, so I'm aAron.
By my picture it's obvious that I have many talents.
I live in Vancouver.
I work as an artist at a video game company and make things blow up.
I have two cats, Fat Pablo and Sable Bulimia Peebody.
I am married to a really rad girl.
I have played guitar poorly for over a decade.
I'm a vegetarian.
I like to ride my bike, but I like to run even more.
I volunteer for a organization called CISV and through that I took four 11 year old kids for a month to India for a program that teaches peaces through multicultural friendships.
I like live music shows and have yet to see my favorite band Propagandhi play.
I turn 30 this year on 9/11.
My favorite food is chiles rellenos.
I'm really looking forward to this exchange casue I like to draw faces a lot even though I do not draw enough.
I really like brand new socks.

Messed up

hey I was trying to consolidate my blogger accounts to one instead of two to make it easier to follow.Tried to delete my old account( deathbymonkeys) from this blog and replace it with my other one. I thought I gave myself authoring permissions but it doesn't appear that way. Can someone let me in, I think I should be there under aaronparrott.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Morissa's Bio

Hello hello
My name is Morissa
current High School student in sunny san diego
hopefully Portland in the fall for College
my list of interests are very obscure. get ready
art, books, Thoreau, bob dylan, punk, magic, the sky, glue, recycling, dali, vintage, film cameras, perfect circles, feathers, Lost, floral patterns, wine, birds, elliott smith, sharpies.

that's me in a nutshell.
more pics on my flickr account.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Josh Bio(hazzard?)

Here I am, feeding a hummingbird with MY BARE HANDS (sort of).

My art life started a couple of years ago with ACEOs on eBay. Some of my, let's call it "primitive" work can be found here.

I live with the wife in northern North Carolina. We moved here in '06 from Brooklyn, looking to get away from hustle and bustle not of our making.

I'm currently enrolled in a technical college pursuing a plumbing degree. I figure with the economy going down the toilet, something is bound to get clogged. And I was inspired by Joe the Plumber.


I sometimes play the harmonica and sing backup for the old-timey-ish band, Milltown. I'm not very good, but they like to have me around because I'm entertaining. And, as you can see from my picture, because I'm incredibly handsome.

Other hobbies/interests include NASCAR, evolutionary psychology, bird watching, boxing (many a fist have been injured by my face), watching the stock market crash, and hanging out doing nothing productive with my wife, two dogs, cat, and three chickens.

I have a medical condition called Sarcasticitus. Sometimes it manifests itself into full-blown Sardonicitus. It's generally harmless, but it leaves those with whom I come in contact with the question: is he trying to be funny or is he a punk?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my drawings. I look forward to seeing what everyone else contributes.

son aka sonsational

ok, nows my turn.
my name is son, im 25 years old and originally from vietnam. i moved to germany when i was six. currently im working on my bachelor degree at the faculty of design at the university of applied sciences in mannheim/germany. after a long period of laziness and disinterest towards drawing/design i finally managed to rediscover the joy of drawing. this happened mostly thanks to the encouraging words of my drawing/illustration professor who has always told me to make more out of my talent. thats the reason why since very recently i always take my beloved moleskine with me whereever i go :D
besides drawing / art / design i like sports, listening to music (also i wanna learn to play the guitar but it still stands in the corner ever since i bought it xD), reading (comics and books), traveling, meeting friends, going out, well just the common hobbies a guy of my age likes to do :D
my main sources of insperation are my social environment, artists, great conversations and sketchbooks. i love to dip into other peoples sketchbooks :D
grey skies and cold, rainy days make me feel sick so im hoping the weather to become better in germany so i can go out and sketch until my fingers bleed :D
sorry my english sux a bit, my german is way better :P
so, thats all for now :D

btw, i cant find myself on the artists list T_T xD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parita -- Bio

i second the bio suggestion.

well... my name is Parita..
i'm still a high school student, but soon to be in college! i'm hoping to get into the school of the art institute of chicago. i really like drawing people, especially their eyes. i like ink work.

i like playing music. i play the piano (some), guitar (self-taught.. yessss!), bass guitar, sitar, and i sing. i write, a lot. i like listening to music too. i like musicians like Beck, Tool, Devendra Banhart, and a lot of other. Beirut. right now. especially. i want to learn to play brass instruments because of that band. everyone should check them out. srsly.

i really love pepsi. like. really love it.

i'm indian. some of the time.

i'm trying to grow my hair out really long.

uh... what else?

movies. i love movies. i recently watched 2001: a space odyssey. it was pretty much AWESOME. Donnie Darko. The Science of Sleep and other Gondry films. The Conversation. there are too many to list.

i really want one of those feathered hats, that native americans wear, you know? and a peace pipe. and some cool geometric tattoos. i'm obsessed with marked skin (right now).

well. that about wraps me up. i'm really bad at explaining myself, so.. this is a glimpse into my thoughts on myself currently. things change.

who's next? who is everyone?

welcome 2 new members

Also, wante3d to announce two new members to our portrait project. I believe we might be well close to filling up, but will defer to Marty for the official word on that. :)

Death By Monkeys, aka Aaron, is a good pal and former co-worker of mine from Radical Entertainment. Check out his flickr here:

And also joining us is mighty wrist sonsational out of Germany, and while we've only just met through the interweb, he sounds enthusiastic and there's no doubting the skills of his mighty wrist:

And on that tip, would be pretty groovy if cats that felt like it could post up brief bios or introspective tidbits about themselves or the lives they lead to help set some tone for the Moly books when they get to making the rounds. Goofy stuff or stalwart belief systems, whatever the cut of your job would be coolio to me!