Thursday, February 26, 2009

aAron's Bio

Hey, so I'm aAron.
By my picture it's obvious that I have many talents.
I live in Vancouver.
I work as an artist at a video game company and make things blow up.
I have two cats, Fat Pablo and Sable Bulimia Peebody.
I am married to a really rad girl.
I have played guitar poorly for over a decade.
I'm a vegetarian.
I like to ride my bike, but I like to run even more.
I volunteer for a organization called CISV and through that I took four 11 year old kids for a month to India for a program that teaches peaces through multicultural friendships.
I like live music shows and have yet to see my favorite band Propagandhi play.
I turn 30 this year on 9/11.
My favorite food is chiles rellenos.
I'm really looking forward to this exchange casue I like to draw faces a lot even though I do not draw enough.
I really like brand new socks.


emon xie said...

excellent bio, sir!

Kip Sauce said...

I can't even lie i like brand new socks a lot too.