Thursday, February 5, 2009

Josh Bio(hazzard?)

Here I am, feeding a hummingbird with MY BARE HANDS (sort of).

My art life started a couple of years ago with ACEOs on eBay. Some of my, let's call it "primitive" work can be found here.

I live with the wife in northern North Carolina. We moved here in '06 from Brooklyn, looking to get away from hustle and bustle not of our making.

I'm currently enrolled in a technical college pursuing a plumbing degree. I figure with the economy going down the toilet, something is bound to get clogged. And I was inspired by Joe the Plumber.


I sometimes play the harmonica and sing backup for the old-timey-ish band, Milltown. I'm not very good, but they like to have me around because I'm entertaining. And, as you can see from my picture, because I'm incredibly handsome.

Other hobbies/interests include NASCAR, evolutionary psychology, bird watching, boxing (many a fist have been injured by my face), watching the stock market crash, and hanging out doing nothing productive with my wife, two dogs, cat, and three chickens.

I have a medical condition called Sarcasticitus. Sometimes it manifests itself into full-blown Sardonicitus. It's generally harmless, but it leaves those with whom I come in contact with the question: is he trying to be funny or is he a punk?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my drawings. I look forward to seeing what everyone else contributes.


emon xie said...

these bios are awesome, and wow do we have a cool group going!

I'll get mine together asap, I know, I know, such a slacker...



Kip Sauce said...

Hahaha nice bio. Geez I was funnier in mine. Nice to meet you Josh. What part of Brooklyn were you originally from ?

southofthecliff said...

I lived in Williamsburg when I was old enough to know better, and Greenpoint. My favorite neighborhood, though, was Sunnyside in Queens.