Monday, February 9, 2009

Morissa's Bio

Hello hello
My name is Morissa
current High School student in sunny san diego
hopefully Portland in the fall for College
my list of interests are very obscure. get ready
art, books, Thoreau, bob dylan, punk, magic, the sky, glue, recycling, dali, vintage, film cameras, perfect circles, feathers, Lost, floral patterns, wine, birds, elliott smith, sharpies.

that's me in a nutshell.
more pics on my flickr account.


MegExpressions said...

Portland is a great place if you want to stay green! Also some original Dali at the Lawrence Gallery. It has a great art scene...I have a biz making purses from recycled clothing, www.megexpressions; there are at least three monthly artwalks in this city!

emon xie said...

Used to live in Eugene and loved to drive up to Portland aka PDX for long weekends, so much great dining and toy stores and arty stuff in and around there, from the mega Powell's bookstore on Burnside to the Octoberfest style tables at Montage (if that's still around) to the Gypsy and places like Timeless Toys, or the vintage toy shop just down the hill from Powells, or Dim Sum in Chinatown, or Korean BBQ and Karaoke in Tigard or Beaverton.

Sigh, I miss PDX.

gabi said...

wuoo! it sounds like a really good place to go!

Kip Sauce said...

Nice meeting you Morissa, I'm actually a Elliot Smith fan as well and Blonde on Blonde is definitely my favorite Dylan album. Anyway I can't wait to see your work .