Thursday, February 5, 2009

son aka sonsational

ok, nows my turn.
my name is son, im 25 years old and originally from vietnam. i moved to germany when i was six. currently im working on my bachelor degree at the faculty of design at the university of applied sciences in mannheim/germany. after a long period of laziness and disinterest towards drawing/design i finally managed to rediscover the joy of drawing. this happened mostly thanks to the encouraging words of my drawing/illustration professor who has always told me to make more out of my talent. thats the reason why since very recently i always take my beloved moleskine with me whereever i go :D
besides drawing / art / design i like sports, listening to music (also i wanna learn to play the guitar but it still stands in the corner ever since i bought it xD), reading (comics and books), traveling, meeting friends, going out, well just the common hobbies a guy of my age likes to do :D
my main sources of insperation are my social environment, artists, great conversations and sketchbooks. i love to dip into other peoples sketchbooks :D
grey skies and cold, rainy days make me feel sick so im hoping the weather to become better in germany so i can go out and sketch until my fingers bleed :D
sorry my english sux a bit, my german is way better :P
so, thats all for now :D

btw, i cant find myself on the artists list T_T xD

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emon xie said...

great to meet ya!