Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parita -- Bio

i second the bio suggestion.

well... my name is Parita..
i'm still a high school student, but soon to be in college! i'm hoping to get into the school of the art institute of chicago. i really like drawing people, especially their eyes. i like ink work.

i like playing music. i play the piano (some), guitar (self-taught.. yessss!), bass guitar, sitar, and i sing. i write, a lot. i like listening to music too. i like musicians like Beck, Tool, Devendra Banhart, and a lot of other. Beirut. right now. especially. i want to learn to play brass instruments because of that band. everyone should check them out. srsly.

i really love pepsi. like. really love it.

i'm indian. some of the time.

i'm trying to grow my hair out really long.

uh... what else?

movies. i love movies. i recently watched 2001: a space odyssey. it was pretty much AWESOME. Donnie Darko. The Science of Sleep and other Gondry films. The Conversation. there are too many to list.

i really want one of those feathered hats, that native americans wear, you know? and a peace pipe. and some cool geometric tattoos. i'm obsessed with marked skin (right now).

well. that about wraps me up. i'm really bad at explaining myself, so.. this is a glimpse into my thoughts on myself currently. things change.

who's next? who is everyone?


sonsational said...

sweet introduction.
nice to meet u :D

emon xie said...

ditto, great to meet ya!