Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogger Technical Limitation.

Feeling out of touch with the group?

There is a an unfortunate limitation to Blogger that effects communication in the moly_x_portrait groups. Comment notification only allows ten email addresses. Our portrait groups have 15 members, so 5 people miss out on email notifications of comments left on this blog.

Go to upper right of blog, select customize>settings>comments>and scroll down to comment notification email if you are wondering if your email address made it on the list. If you didn't make it on the list, please try to read the blog regularly. Also, if someone could set this group up with cBox, this would be a helpful communication tool. To check it out go to moly_x_portrait1 and scroll down to the bottom of the page. I can't do it. Only one free cBox per email address.

FYI: All of the group's email addresses are available to the group through customize>settings>permissions, in case someone wants to do a group email.


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