Sunday, April 26, 2009

claire's bio

Hi All... looks like I am in on this one! Yippee! It is going to be great!

My name is Claire.
I live on Gabriola Island on the westcoast of Canada (4,500 people), surrounded by trees, sandstone and the ocean.
I am a mom of two crazy little gals (4 and 8), and a mexican mutt. I am married to a great guy too (who puts up with all the estrogen in this family).
I am a self taught illustrator, and I run my own business creating custom chalkboard signs and shipping them all over the place, so I pretty much get to draw every day (this exchange will be a welcome change from tomatoes and coffee cups thats for sure)...
When I do get any free time, I spend most of it on the water. We have a 36' sailboat that we are fixing up for an 'extended' voyage (hopefully a couple of years) leaving fall 2010!
I also really enjoy yoga, cycling, running, knitting, kayaking, practicing my guitar, drawing and painting (of course) and pretty much anything outside or in/on/under the water... and I admit I enjoy playing my hubby's xbox from time to time!!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!



munition said...

nice to meet you Claire!

I'm glad you're part of this group, I looked at your website and loved your work!

emon xie said...

Lovely work on your site, love the women with cigars series; and indeed, welcome!

Claire Watson said...

thanks! good to meet you too... this is going to be fun!

Kip Sauce said...

Very nice to meet you Claire I definitely look forward to seeing more of your work !