Sunday, April 26, 2009

e's inelliquent bio

Hi all, sorry for the late bio entry, no excuse except to say I'm really not all that comfortable writing about myself so procrastination came dang easy. I am sorry though, as happens in my family, Catholic guilt comes very easy too.

In the picture above, I'm the guy with the dog. I also live with a real dog, four legs and fur and all that, but unfortunately he ducked just as this snap snapped. I also live with a wife, my wife I should clarify, not someone else's. She's awesome, so really, if I were writing a bio about her, I would've been done with something glowing a long time ago. But since this is about me, well, it'll be late, short, and probably goofy.

We coexist in a small crib in Vancouver BC's oldest hood that could only be called Strathcona, though by any other name it would smell just as sweet, and when rain drizzles as oft does in these parts, it even makes it's own gravy. O', Strathcona, the recently gentrifying eye of the proverbial hurricane that does so cozily snuggle into the armpit of Chinatown where the tasio bau are always fresh and East Hastings where strange wildlife wanders to and fro midst traffic with wild cries of hubris and intermittent camaraderie.

We cohabitate with a big dog, four cats that sometimes elect to avoid each other for that occasional, very welcome quiet evening, and a couple fish tanks, one full of snails, one full of fairly large and generally sort of scary looking fish, and both respectively, full of water. We also have a lot of plants, books, toys, knicknacks, Guadalupe icons, candy skulls, and Jason masks of various scales. There's a lot of other stuff too. The cool and respectable stuff is probably my wife's. The stuff that looks like it was raided from Stan Winston's or George Lucas's basement, yeah, that'd probably be mine.

My day job, well, my only job outside of household chores is serving as a game designer for a megalithic video game company on a top secret title I can't mention by name lest a swarm of locusts converge on my countenance to consume my something else that starts with the letter "c". Not a bad word, mind you. This isn't that sort of programming. Something safe like "cranium" or "cavities" although "fillings" would make more sense. But I digress.

I've worked as a game artist, writer, sound editor, and more than less, a designer. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I broke too many builds upon a time so I got put in a department where I could do even more, er- I mean "less" harm. Any rate, there I've remained, and I like what I do, at least, when it's creative and doesn't involve not seeing the sun for a week straight.

I've otherwise designed some toys, done a smidgen or two of band art, some college newspaper cartoons, and hosted an overnight radio show that inspired late night grocery store stock boys to get day jobs. And I know a few Cantonese swear words, but again, not that sort of programming, although "Cantonese" does indeed start with a "c".

I enjoy the Moly exchanges because they compel me to work outside my comfort zone. And if you read"comfort" (another "c" word) as "lethargic" (ends with "c") then you're on the nudge wink tip for sure. I get inspired unfolding each one that gets posted or arrives in the mail (sorry for the pun on "posted" there).

I love the wide range of skills people in the exchanges have, and I'm humbled to be a contributor, as frankly, all kidding aside, I'm just what happens when a kid doesn't stop drawing monsters and rock logos and other macho goofy stuff in the margins of their spiral bound high school notebooks.

Being a part of these has been educational and rewarding, if only for me and not necessarily for whomever ends up with my couple three pages of "Solid Gold" Contribution (notice I've stopped acknowledging "c" words now, well except for this last one, and that doesn't count, as I was making an observation. Sorry!).

And kudos to Marty and everyone else for keeping this going. I know that this portrait group has been a little slow to launch. I think this will prove a case of quality making the wait worthwhile. Even if you spell "quality" with a "c" as I just did (thank you, Spell Check!).

Great to meet all of you, thank you for the wonderful bios, and apologies for my tardy attempt to lower the bar a touch! I started my book a little while ago and passed it on to Aaron, however once we sort out our proper mailing order I'll work with Aaron to ensure the book "posts" on to whomever is next to make it all better, and warm up my hands for whomever is brave enough, er-... next in line to send their book on to me.



Claire Watson said...

hey e... good to meet cha... your just across the pond from me!

munition said...

hehe, interessant bio! ;)

If Aaron already have your book, we should think about changing the order on the right column.

Kip Sauce said...

Nice to meet you E !