Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi Friends.

I'm am posting to find out who is still interested in participating in this group, and to see if we can get this party started. There are a number of people who are anxious to participate in a moly_x_portrait group. I would like to see them organized into groups by the end of next week. If you have doubts about your ability or desire to participate, please be considerate of others who truly want to participate, and retire. There are too many moly_x groups that are stalled and withering.

Please write to me or post to the blog, and let us know whether you are interested or not so much. Thank you all.




aAron said...


gabi said...

I'm still interested!!!!

emon xie said...

Me too! Let's get this started, and thanks to Marty for the push to go!

sonsational said...

im still interested although im pretty busy at the moment, working on my final thesis, which will take 2 more weeks to finish.
so i cant participate in the next 2 weeks. in case this may cause any inconvenience to the group i have to quit :(

Marty Harris said...

No problem, Son. As long as you are dedicated, a few weeks late is not a terrible thing. It is important, however, to communicate. Let everyone know which book you have and when you think you might be finished.

Good luck with the thesis.

Morissa said...

still very much interested!!

munition said...

I'm still interrested! I just bought my moly, and i will start to work on my autoportrait this week-end. Thanks Marty!

Anonymous said...

me me ME!!! Please?

Marty Harris said...

Aaron, check.
Gabi, check.
EX, check.
Son, check.
Morissa, check.
Julie, check.

Claire, you are new. Please send your info to me. I just need your email address for blogger access, and....that's it.

Waiting to hear from Lindy,Olivia, Josh, and Parita. Thanks all for your prompt response. When all is settled you can double check the order and make sure you all agree on how to proceed.

southofthecliff said...

Marty -

I sent you an email via flickr.

I'm 85.443% in.

Marty Harris said...

Lokking for 100%. Let me know, buddy.

southofthecliff said...

I'm in.

Can I ship to someone in the states? I have to look up to see poverty right now.

Marty Harris said...

Don't see why you can't. Simply ask around. Send flickr mail to the specific people you want to be between on the list. Make sure Clark knows , and that he hasn't sent a book to you already.

Canada is cheaper too.

Kip Sauce said...

I'm in !