Saturday, April 18, 2009

Julie's Bio

I'm really excited to join this sketchbook exchange group!

My name is Julie
I'm 29 years old
I live in Montréal, Canada, with my 2 cats (Smith & Bibi)
I have been working as a colorist in post-production (video and film) and I will be starting a Major in Film Animation this fall in Concordia University.
I love to draw and I think that participating to this exchange will challenge myself and help me to stay motivated!
I play viola... well, let's say I'm trying very hard to play :)
I like live music shows too. My favorite bands of all times are A Silver Mt Zion and Neutral Milk Hotel
My favorite artists are Egon Schiele, William Kentridge, Jan Svankmajer and Elizabeth Peyton.
I like bowling, vintage fashion, flea markets and rusty things.
My first language is French, I speak English too, but not perfectly

you can view some of my artworks and reference photos here

I will get a Japanese fold Moleskine this week and try to draw my face! :)


Kip Sauce said...

Hello Julie, I just got a chance to look through your flickr page and i think your work is awesome I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your work on this exchange and everyone else's.

brettisagirl said...

elizabeth peyton and egone schiele!! mmmmm! my favorites too :}