Thursday, April 30, 2009

Julie's selfportrait - Work in progress...

I spent few days staring at my blank moleskine, too scared to draw a single line on it. I finally jumped and this is what came out... me at my desk, chewing my pen and wondering what to draw... I have not decided yet what is the background, maybe just colors and shapes... I think I'm going to work with color ink on this one, even if I'm really not sure if this kind of paper is good for liquid medium. I will post the result later.

Does any of you have started yet? I can't wait to see everybody's work! :)


Kip Sauce said...

Looks awesome already!! I'm actually going to start working on mine later on today if possible.

munition said...

Thank you Rob!

FYI, water on Japanese fold Moleskine is really not a good idea, I kind of messed it...I will try to add acrylic or gouache to save it. I'm glad this happened in my book!