Sunday, May 31, 2009

I feel silly

I have a question:

Once I receive the new moleskine, do I draw another self portrait of myself as well as a portrait of the person it belongs to.... OR just a portrait of the person it belongs to??

And apologies in advance for the super thin pages in my moleskine. It was the first one I'd ever bought and I didn't realize it was very light and thin paper. I hope it doesn't inconvenience any of you. Please feel free to skip pages if you think your drawing will bleed through (sorry Morissa!)


So i received Brett's Moleskine in the mail a couple days ago, and decided to start sooner rather than later because i know the next few weeks will be very busy for me. Unfortunately, Brett's moleskine has very very thin pages. I did her portrait on one side, and then proceeded to do mine on the page before with pen. i tested a small line out to see if it bleed through, but it didn't seem to. after a bit of drawing i turned to page to find it had completely bleed through onto the portrait i did of her!
Here are the two portraits. i haven't finished mine yet (the pen one)

so my questions for you all and especially Brett;
should i just leave it how it is, redraw it on the next page, or go buy a moleskine with thicker pages and attach Brett's self portrait, my self portrait, and just redraw her portrait??
im just worried other people might encounter the same problem with such thin pages. (she used the type with a card stock cover.)
Well anyway, i should be sending my moly out in the next couple days to josh, hope all is well with everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lars PD Josh Burg Graf


Im Another Josh
the LarsPowdery one.
Its late-I need to go home-but first-for you: An intro bio.

I live in Brooklyn New York.
I make storyboards and other drawing related things for an AD Agency in Manhattan, NY.
They used to employ me and mine to make cartoons for the web,
viral Videos,
but they couldnt figure how to make money with that,
so now I do this.

Also, I make comics.
I usta animate, the 2D way. But its been a while.

What else? Im 26
I have a sweet heart lady freind who is a singersongwriter
I have a dog, who I miss. Shes hanging out with my parents, in Baltimore, where Im from.
Also of note: Last year I lived in Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn

Thats me up there, the one in the the office, pointing at the desk i sit at. I have a plant, a Kroton, but u cant see it, just the lil cactus. Its not that Im keeping the kroton from you, its just not in the photo
Ill work on getting some more photos together, of me, but also the Kroton

OKCOOLGONNAgetstarted soon on the XCHange!

woohoo! i finally got around to my entry! This is me in all my Prismacolor glory. I feel like it needs something else on the right but I accidentally started one or two pages in instead of the first one, so i had to heavily decorate the couple of spaces before. I also should warn you that i dont have grey teeth, my colored pencil smudged and made my teeth look grey! woops
You are all such talented artists and i look forward to get this exchange rolling. Also, I have included some photos of me in the set on my flickr labeled WR and moly portraits. hope all is well!

One more...

Ha ha ha...Okay I guess while you were asking Lars, I also had asked Susan Rudat. We originally started with 13 anyway (13 is a lucky number)! Susan got back to me and said she would enjoy the challenge... so NOW the group is really FULL. ;) She is an awesome artist and will fit right in! She should also be posting her bio shortly...

Group full!

Hi everyone!

We have a new member: LarsPowderdry

As we reached the number of 12 participants, we can now consider this group full and ready to start exchanging! (yay!!!)

He is supposed to post his intro shortly, and he said he's okay about the target date of June 1st (or maybe few days extra...).

The shipping order may be final, so please send your address to the person before you if you haven't done already. And don't forget to add some pics of yourself on your flickr page.

Whole lotta me

Josh here.

First I want to say I'm honored and humbled to be participating with such a talented group. I'll try to keep up.

Second, I made a set of photos of me on my flickr site, set to "friends only" status. You will be happy to know I'm fully clothed in most of the pictures.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my moly my entry

Have been dragging my feet on doing a sign in page. Please sign in with your favorite animal. I happen to have a thing for hummingbirds. Thanks.
Brett - I'll be dropping this thing in the mail on Monday.
I think it's done.
All the various things floating around in my head.

1st stage/2nd stage/final stage_self portrait_sign in page

1st stage/2nd stage/ final stage. mixed media: pencil, marker, ink, coffee, cacao, red wine, cutter/scissor, fingerprints :D
ok, im done, ready to ship. its called visualization / observation. the pics show different stages of my work. also shown is the sign in page. i want all of you to be free to chose your media, number of pages, style etc. its all up to you to express yourself and your art :) only 1 restriction regarding to the sign in page: i want u to sign with a fingerprint (i did mine with red wine) thx all and have fun :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

to lazy to comment on all posts...

but everyone's stuff is looking so wicked. good job to all!

shipping to New York!

This is a view of my identification page. I would like all of you to sign in the little square under my adress. So Rob, check your mail! My moly is on its way to you!

... And Mine.

It is so nice to buy a new moleskine, rip of the plastic wrap, open it... and begin doodling. Here is me, daydreaming about all the places and people my little moley will travel to (and a quick sign in page)! I am popping it in the mail e!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My entry

So, here is my "self portrait" :) i need a larger variety of felts i think.

looking for 2 more members

Hi everyone!

Still no news about Olivia, Clark and Lindy... I think we should consider they dropped the exchange. So we are still looking for two more people to finally get this portrait party started. Feel free to invite some artists you would like to exchange with!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi All,

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Jennifer Kraska and I'm really excited to be a part of this group.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My formal education is in Industrial Design, and have been working in the automotive industry for 12 years (I think that it is pretty cool that I can say that I draw cars for a living). I am a self taught watercolorist and have recently become addicted to molys (have filled 3 in the last 5 mos, my moly has become a sort of security blanket for me, I don't leave the house without it). The auto industry has been very good to me, I've no complaints, but the need to create and share my own art is stronger than ever.

I'm drawn to birds & bugs (no pun intended, I swear!). Always have been. I love the unpredictability of watercolor. Assume because it's the complete opposite from what I do at work everyday. I'd love to illustrate a childrens book someday. I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself artistically. Hence moly exchanges.

I love to travel and will jump at the opportunity whenever it presents itself. The world is an amazing place, I always learn something about myself when I travel, even if it's what not to do.

I have two Jack Russell terriors, Dax & Odo. Last but not least, I am a HUGE Star Wars geek.

Good to meet all of you. Now I have to get a move on on my self portrait.


BTW - I'll be posting more photos for reference on my flickr photostream.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And here's my bio...

I forgot that I had to write this, so here you go:

My name is Brett Manning. I always get asked by bank tellers if I'm depositing a check for my boyfriend... I like my name. My favorite colors are brown and grey... maybe because almost every other color looks nice with either brown or grey.. or maybe because they can be looked at as a combination of all colors... no wait, that's black... I went to school and majored in fashion design and I never knew why. I don't like trends and I don't enjoy drawing attention to myself because of my clothes.. I just really enjoy drawing fashion illustrations. I'd much rather work with animals and be a more successful freelance artist and illustrator with high hopes of someday becoming published.

Currently I live in Chicago with my beautiful boyfriend Franky and our lovely man-cat Sidney. They are my best friends even though Sid enjoys howl-meowing at 4:00 a.m. and Franky has troubles remembering how to fold clothes, but that's okay, they're both the best folks I know and I love them. We want to get out of this city soon though. I miss the stars at night and the smell of the earth when everything is asleep and the sky is so dark blue, but the moon is so bright and big that we don't need flashlights while riding our bikes along the dirty gravel roads.

When it comes to my art, I am drawn to texture, balance, dream-like experiences, transcendental qualities, bla bla bla.... I guess my work can be somewhat surreal. Surreality is good. For me, I am able to let out my inner most feelings and thoughts being the overly emotional female I am... It's a healthy process. Often I will do automatic drawings, and through this I've realized that I have a strange attraction towards hairy imaginary beasts.

I enjoy forming theories and philosophies in my mind and never telling anyone about them.

I am addicted to coffee.

Hmmm... That's me I suppose. haha.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delicate, but Strong

My self portrait is finished! It's not terribly elaborate or huge or intense, it's just me. That's all. It's done in ink with some colored pencil details...

First Portrait Started...

Hi everyone!
I'm the newest member of the moly portrait party...
I just bought my moleskine today and started my self portrait on the first page... it still has a ways to go, but I shouldn't have any problems finishing before the mailing deadline.

Finished ! (pretty much)

Here is the finished product, only small details that I was too lazy to do yesterday will be added. I'm ready for our June 1st ship off date. Oh and Julie check your flickr mail I sent you my address.

Rob P (kip sauce)

new member

Hi everybody!

I hope it's ok with all of you, but since we have not heard of Olivia, Clark and Lindy and as June 1st approach, i asked to Brett Manning, a very talented artist from Chicago, if she would like to join the group. She has a great and sensitive style, take a look at her beautiful work on her gallery. I placed her between Jennifer(Detroit) and Olivia (?) on the shipping list. She is supposed to post her intro and to get a moleskine sketchbook shortly.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First stage

First stage of the drawing for my moly. I'll try to post another photo of it as I move along.
Rob P (kip sauce)

Ha ha ha... almost there... again....

Oh oh... looks like my last post got written over. No biggie, we are just happy to see Son back in action.

To sum up what was here before (from what I can remember). Parita has withdrawn, Jennifer has taken her spot... she will be an awesome addition.

We are still needing to here from Olivia, Lindy and Clark. We should give them to the end of the week then maybe find some peeps to take their spot so we all have time for a June 1 goal. Perhaps keep an eye open to see if anyone has any buddies they want to join? Or more from portrait 6? Either way...

Was that everything in a nutshell?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost there!

WOHOOOO im back!!!

sorry i kept u guys and gals waiting, but i had to focus on my final thesis which i finished yesterday. and the cool thing is my professor and my fellow students love it :D
ok, im ready to go. but first i need to ask a stupid question xD
i know this thing is called moly exchange but i just bought myself some really cool "molylike" sketchbooks with high qualitity paper. so is there a chance i can use those moly fakes instead of buying a new authentic moly? i love molys for sure but im kinda broke at the moment :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Get This Portrait Party Started...

Okay everyone... apologies for jumping in here trying to get this group going! Looks like we have a few of use who are in communication and have confirmed themselves in the group, and a few who seem to be M.I.A. Julie has reorganized the mailing order according to location (thanks Julie), and also because one book is finished and already under way... I suggest that we go with this regardless of whether some are in the east or the west. If we keep 'country organized' then at least the books won't be constantly going through customs (longer mailing times). I did move Clark after Morissa to keep all the USA together.

Could everyone please comment on this post to confirm whether you are in or not, or if someone could take on the batch email to see if all the names on the order are indeed willing to be here. From what I see so far (in the mere two moley groups I have been in) is that just the initial getting going seems to be the biggest struggle. Once the books are going it seems to be okay... the portrait ones seem to be trickiest as there are 13 of us! Even if one of was appointed the coordinator then that would work... then we don't have to worry about sitting back waiting for everyone to do something! That person could be the 'go to' (and check in with) person so Marty doesn't have to worry about us! ;)

We also need to agree on a first ship date, so everyone at least has an idea when to start. Please send your address to the person behind you on the list... this is a proposed ship order. Please comment if you think it should be different! ;)

Claire > Emon Xie
Emon Xie > Dealth By Monkeys
Death by Monkeys > Julie
Julie > Rob
Rob > Parita
Parita > Josh
Josh > Olivia
Olivia > Morissa
Morissa > Clark
Clark > Gabi
Gabi > Lindy
Lindy > Sonsational
Sonsational > Claire

Again, I am totally not trying to jump in and take over. I am just keen to see this get going before everyone assumes it fizzled. I know we are all busy folks! ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

et voilĂ !

Ready to send!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey guys and gals... I added a c-box so we can do any immediate chatting, shipping notifications etc...

Also a couple of questions... Is this the final numbers for the group? Is this the final shipping order? When is the targeted first shipping date?