Monday, May 25, 2009

... And Mine.

It is so nice to buy a new moleskine, rip of the plastic wrap, open it... and begin doodling. Here is me, daydreaming about all the places and people my little moley will travel to (and a quick sign in page)! I am popping it in the mail e!


Julie said...

Claire, this is beautiful! I like your expression!

emon xie said...

This is awesome! And really like your postage stamp motif as well!

jennifer kraska said...

this is very cool.

Claire said...

thanks all! :)

emon xie said...

Hi Claire, received your Moly and will get to work. One question though, you've not included any reference images of yourself, should I use something from your Flickr page, or do you have anything in particular you'd like to have looked to as source for the portraiture?