Sunday, May 31, 2009

I feel silly

I have a question:

Once I receive the new moleskine, do I draw another self portrait of myself as well as a portrait of the person it belongs to.... OR just a portrait of the person it belongs to??

And apologies in advance for the super thin pages in my moleskine. It was the first one I'd ever bought and I didn't realize it was very light and thin paper. I hope it doesn't inconvenience any of you. Please feel free to skip pages if you think your drawing will bleed through (sorry Morissa!)

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Julie said...

Hi Brett! When you receive a book, you draw your selfportrait again AND the portrait of the person it belongs to.

Don't feel mad about the thin pages of your moleskine, we can skip pages or choose an appropriate medium for light paper...or even draw on a seperate piece of paper and then stick it into your book