Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lars PD Josh Burg Graf


Im Another Josh
the LarsPowdery one.
Its late-I need to go home-but first-for you: An intro bio.

I live in Brooklyn New York.
I make storyboards and other drawing related things for an AD Agency in Manhattan, NY.
They used to employ me and mine to make cartoons for the web,
viral Videos,
but they couldnt figure how to make money with that,
so now I do this.

Also, I make comics.
I usta animate, the 2D way. But its been a while.

What else? Im 26
I have a sweet heart lady freind who is a singersongwriter
I have a dog, who I miss. Shes hanging out with my parents, in Baltimore, where Im from.
Also of note: Last year I lived in Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn

Thats me up there, the one in the the office, pointing at the desk i sit at. I have a plant, a Kroton, but u cant see it, just the lil cactus. Its not that Im keeping the kroton from you, its just not in the photo
Ill work on getting some more photos together, of me, but also the Kroton

OKCOOLGONNAgetstarted soon on the XCHange!


Julie said...

Nice to meet you Josh!
I'm glad you joined the group, it's gonna be fun!

emon xie said...

Sounds like you live the life of adventure in the city I love most to visit, where my long time pal Jedicus dwells, also making his dimes at an ad agency, though doing programming. I love Brooklyn for Rocketship Comics and excellent Soul Food, Dumbo for insane installation pieces, and St. Marks for a couple of the best toy stores in the known continent.

But I digress, welcome to the crew, and dang glad to meetcha!


Claire said...

Good to meet cha Josh... :) This is going to be awesome!

sonsational said...

welcome to the group josh.
emon, you really make me curious about NY. i havent had the opportunity to visit NY yet, the only time i was in the US was 9 years ago. i was in a small town called fort myers in florida, but i enjoyed it though.