Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Get This Portrait Party Started...

Okay everyone... apologies for jumping in here trying to get this group going! Looks like we have a few of use who are in communication and have confirmed themselves in the group, and a few who seem to be M.I.A. Julie has reorganized the mailing order according to location (thanks Julie), and also because one book is finished and already under way... I suggest that we go with this regardless of whether some are in the east or the west. If we keep 'country organized' then at least the books won't be constantly going through customs (longer mailing times). I did move Clark after Morissa to keep all the USA together.

Could everyone please comment on this post to confirm whether you are in or not, or if someone could take on the batch email to see if all the names on the order are indeed willing to be here. From what I see so far (in the mere two moley groups I have been in) is that just the initial getting going seems to be the biggest struggle. Once the books are going it seems to be okay... the portrait ones seem to be trickiest as there are 13 of us! Even if one of was appointed the coordinator then that would work... then we don't have to worry about sitting back waiting for everyone to do something! That person could be the 'go to' (and check in with) person so Marty doesn't have to worry about us! ;)

We also need to agree on a first ship date, so everyone at least has an idea when to start. Please send your address to the person behind you on the list... this is a proposed ship order. Please comment if you think it should be different! ;)

Claire > Emon Xie
Emon Xie > Dealth By Monkeys
Death by Monkeys > Julie
Julie > Rob
Rob > Parita
Parita > Josh
Josh > Olivia
Olivia > Morissa
Morissa > Clark
Clark > Gabi
Gabi > Lindy
Lindy > Sonsational
Sonsational > Claire

Again, I am totally not trying to jump in and take over. I am just keen to see this get going before everyone assumes it fizzled. I know we are all busy folks! ;)


Marty Harris said...

;) Thanks Claire.

Please remember that only ten of you receive comment notification. You all have to check into the blog regularly to read what's going on.

gabi said...

ok claire!! i'm still here and prepared to finish my moly to send!
I hope everybody it's ok that i'm using a large scketchbook because it's the only one I could find here...

aAron said...

Got a long weekend this weekend to hopefully finish both my portrait and the portrait of e since I already have his moly.

munition said...

Thank you Claire!

The shipping order seems good to me.
I would really like to get this Portrait Party started before the end of the month.
I would suggest that we start shipping on June it possible for everybody?

southofthecliff said...

looks good to me - I'll get in touch with Olivia for her address, and Parita, I'll give you mine.

I'm ready to ship anytime.


Morissa said...

Im in, and almost done with my entry!!

emon xie said...

Looks great, and if Death By Monkeys is still aAron, then he has my Moly already in hand. Noice!

Claire said...

yay! okay so that is 7 including me... (I just realized I didn't get comment notification) ;)

I still have to get my moley (they don't sell them where I am so I have to go a little farther to get it). Once I grab it though my entry will be pretty quick.

What do we do about the rest of the gang? I can send them a group email tonight. I just want to make sure they are in before we send moleys off to them...

I think June 1st is great... gives everyone a bit of a deadline ;)

emon xie said...

i'm in please!

Claire said...

of course you are e... ;) I just sent the 'bulk' email so I didn't have to weed through who hasn't commented yet... as of now, everyone has been contacted... onward and upward!

Kip Sauce said...

I'm in and june 1st sounds fine with me. Has Parita responded ?

Kip Sauce said...

I sent Parita flickr mail a few days ago and she hasn't responded and she doesn't have any photos on her account. Does anyone know her or speak to her ?

Claire said...

haven't heard back from her... i sent her a flickr mail yesterday. What do we do if we don't hear from these guys? Do we just eliminate them from the list and see if someone wants to take their spot?

southofthecliff said...

I've sent Parita my address, but haven't heard from her either.

I also don't see a response from Olivia - let me know if I should ship to the next in line.


southofthecliff said...

Woops - should have checked Flickr mail first. Parita has withdrawn, so I'll get in touch with Olivia.