Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my moly my entry

Have been dragging my feet on doing a sign in page. Please sign in with your favorite animal. I happen to have a thing for hummingbirds. Thanks.
Brett - I'll be dropping this thing in the mail on Monday.
I think it's done.
All the various things floating around in my head.


Claire said...

i love your style Jennifer!

emon xie said...

Me too, and my desktop at work just got a new wallpaper, hope you won't mind!

Julie said...

there is so much strenght and energy in your line work, I love it!

jennifer kraska said...

Thanks Claire!

emon xie - Wallpaper away!

Julie - Thanks, I'm all about the linework.

sonsational said...

beautiful entry and original idea for the sign in page :)