Sunday, May 31, 2009


So i received Brett's Moleskine in the mail a couple days ago, and decided to start sooner rather than later because i know the next few weeks will be very busy for me. Unfortunately, Brett's moleskine has very very thin pages. I did her portrait on one side, and then proceeded to do mine on the page before with pen. i tested a small line out to see if it bleed through, but it didn't seem to. after a bit of drawing i turned to page to find it had completely bleed through onto the portrait i did of her!
Here are the two portraits. i haven't finished mine yet (the pen one)

so my questions for you all and especially Brett;
should i just leave it how it is, redraw it on the next page, or go buy a moleskine with thicker pages and attach Brett's self portrait, my self portrait, and just redraw her portrait??
im just worried other people might encounter the same problem with such thin pages. (she used the type with a card stock cover.)
Well anyway, i should be sending my moly out in the next couple days to josh, hope all is well with everyone!

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