Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Portrait Effigies

I was going for a sort of carnival, Chinese New Year feel. The idea was that my charecters were wearing masks of me, carrying effigies of me, and the like.
Sometimes you get done with something and you look at it, and suddenly, its kinda weird.
This is one of those times. This drawing makes me look like an egomagniac...which i wasnt aware I was. Sometimes you gotta just ignore Fruedian implications, theyll drive you crazy.
Anyway, I might add a wash to the BG, but I prolly wont


jennifer kraska said...

Awesome!! Love the purple furry/featheriness of it. Great job.

Julie said...

As this book will come back to you all filled by portraits of you, I don't see anything too egomaniac in your selfportrait :)

Nice entry, I like the little dancing body with purple feathers!

emon xie said...

super cool!

Marty Harris said...

Lively, beautiful. Very fun.

sonsational said...

lol this is funny

claire said...

looks great!