Friday, July 10, 2009


I actually made an incredibly stupid mistake when I wrote your address Josh, and received my book in the mail since no one picked it up it was sent back. It's in my possession. I apologize for the mistake and the book is being sent out tomorrow in the morning in a nice new envelope with the correct address. I am 90% finished with Julie's so I'll ship mine first and then I'll ship Julie's to Josh in a day or two. I'm a little behind, been busy with some things that I'm not too happy about. But I'm here and I'm still excited to get these rolling. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience I will be on top of these !!!!!!!



Julie said...

That's great, I'm so glad your book has not disappeared! :))

southofthecliff said...

Oh thank goodness. I'm relieved. You would never have known for sure whether I was a moleskine thief or not.

All's well, that ends well, etc etc etc.