Monday, July 27, 2009

Son is Done

Added this inks this weekend and will pass this on to aAron next. Hope you all like it; Claire was once again a very tough act to follow!



claire said...

awe shucks e... this looks awesome!

Has Gabi sent hers to Son yet? I am sadly moley-less... :(

southofthecliff said...

Beautiful work. I hope to someday get half as good at color as you are.

emon xie said...

Thanks Claire and Southofthecliff, you're both too kind!


Julie said...

wow, so mucn energy in there! I really like the way you paint!

Burger Raff said...

the inks look great-and i agree on the energy note, you have a very dynamic painting style!

emon xie said...

Thanks Julie & Burger Raff!

My comic book illustrator pal used to tease me long ago about being "sloppy", then let me help him out filling in blacks on some of his pages for Escapist and Queen & Country so I could learn restraint.

While the exercise totally helped me to clean up my line work and premeditate my fills and lighting more, when I get back to colors and paints all that goes out the window and everything is about gesture, layering, and a lot of happy accidents. Not a lot different from kindergartners with their first batch of finger paints and a big ol' Kool-Aide sugar buzz, I guess.

Any rate, sorry to ramble, just glad you all enjoy seeing my "sloppy" productions! :)


jennifer kraska said...

WOW! What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is fantastic! I agree with Julie, the energy is great.

emon xie said...

Thanks Jennifer! :)

sonsational said...

thx for ur entry in my moly, e :D
great energy.