Wednesday, August 26, 2009

morissa final stage :)

yhihaaa, finally done with morrissa's moly. hope u like it morissa :D
i accidently drew that line on the next page. im sooo sorry for the next, hope u can manage that accident somehow T_T.


jennifer kraska said...

Wow Son, This is looking awesome! Great style. Have a great vacation!

emon xie said...

Too cool! Wow!

Julie said...

Awesome! you both look like little puppets :)
I love that black and blue background, and the minimal choice of colors...seems to look great with Josh LP's previous entry!

emon xie said...

Thanks for posting your process, I didn't realize how far that would develop, super cool!

claire said...

this looks great... don't worry... I will work with the line ;)

jennifer kraska said...

The finished product is awesome! I too love how you post your progress.

Burger Raff said...

This shit looks so cool.

Great charecters, great linework