Sunday, October 11, 2009

moly 5 psychos

this is my entry in josh's moly.
ive been experimenting with some uncommon materials like lipstick and a glue stick :D
me and josh looking kinda weird but i like the result :D
both, morissas and joshs molys are ready to ship on monday.


Burger Raff said...

I got my first portrait of ever! It looks incredible, I love it-and lipstick? Thats a hell of a material. You made my day

Julie said...


emon xie said...

Rock out, that is so bad ass! Excellent composition and your choices of color making materials slam the eye like a semi! Most excellent!


claire said...

this looks geat! I just got the books in the mail today... the page got sticky in transit, so I think I will just put some parchment paper in it so it doesn't get permanently lip stick glued (amazing how women put that stuff on their faces)! Anyway, stickiness aside, the artwork looks awesome!!!

claire said...

*great*, not geat... too late to fix my spelling!