Friday, October 2, 2009

Moly Eschange 005

This is pretty much finished. I tried to keep the bricks going from Julie's portion into mine. This was done in ink and watercolor ( which isn't working too good for me in these mollies, even though in my own I use watercolors profusely ) and some colored pencil. I have a couple of small details and a little cleaning up to do and then it's off to Chickenmaster Josh.


Julie said...

really nice!
I like how you colored the golden letters, great shiny look!

I can't be blamed this time about the fixative, I remember that I protected the next sheets that time ;)

I had trouble with water medias in those books too, but I suggest that you wet the page with water before you start painting. The paper reacts better then

jennifer kraska said...

Another awesome entry! Ties in nicely to Julies entry.

Burger Raff said...

Im with Julie on two notes here- The Gold lettering looks excellent and the wetting up of the page comment. I wet these pages with coffee and then worked on them when the coffee was still kinda damp.

It seems to take a while to dry..but the dampness did some interesting things with the colors. Also, i was playing with colored inks, they kinda pop too.

But, incidently I think your colors came out prettty well

emon xie said...

So cool! Love this!