Monday, December 7, 2009

Brett's Moleskine

So I just wrapped these up and I just read Brett's post. Seems like a lot of groups are getting quagmires, I certainly understand how busy life gets as well. Im of the mindset that rather than drop out, just have books skip you, then work on them later in their cycles when you have time. Anyway, hope you like these entries.


Julie said...

nice! looks like you are playing hide and seek!

I wrote a message to Brett and she said she will try to continue. I agree with you Josh about passing the books to the next if we are too busy instead of leaving. Or just take our time, as long as we communicate. Moly_x should not be an additional stress source

jennifer kraska said...

This is such a fun entry! Love it!
I also hope that Brett continues with our group, would be a shame to lose her.

claire said...

agreed... I love all these entries! I figure the only 'down fall' that all us artists face is that we are all too damn busy doing art (though we should be totally stoked about that)! As long as the communication keeps going, I believe most of us busy artists wouldn't even notice if it was two months rather than one! ha ha ha!!! Brett please stick around! I have such a fun idea for your book!!! ;)

emon xie said...

Gorgeous entries! Sublime!