Sunday, April 18, 2010

Completely finished with Claire's book !

Here is the finished product. I actually did a portrait of Claire and i thought it looked terrible so i did the one you see there on a separate sheet of drawing paper and surgically inserted it into her japanese moly. I didn't want to take up much more room or do something similar to what i did in Aaron's book, so i decided to make a smaller portrait of myself. I continued Julie's leaves and eventually added myself as a giant balloon being carried by Claire's hand ( one of the photos Claire included in her reference shots was a giant photo of her hand holding a pen, so i felt like Claire really wanted someone to draw her hand) I have no clue how all it all ties together except in it's randomness, which always ties everything in. I hope you like it Claire and i hope everybody else does as well.

-RG Peredo aka Kip Sauce

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Claire's book unfinished.

Here is a pretty crappy pic with my crappy iPhone that's an inch from death. It's colored pencil, like i said it's not complete but it's getting there. Claire let me know if you think i got the likeness or not. You are tough to draw !!!! I'll be working on it diligently over the next couple of days.

-Kip Sauce.

Monday, April 12, 2010

So who has who's books ???

Hi I've been missing in action for a little, but i'm back with full force. I just finished up Emon's book and shipped it to Josh and i'm currently working on Claire's book which is about 65-70%finished. Just some small details, glue and fixative and it'll be ready to go ! I'm just curious how things are working out ? I think some people have dropped out and such so i just want to know about who has what and when and where ? I'll post some photos of Claire's book as soon as i get a chance.

-Kip Sauce

Friday, April 9, 2010

one down

Morissa's moly is all done and can be mailed to Julie...excited?!?!