Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Son's book in the works.

Since I actually have a book in my possession I am going to try to keep this ball rolling. I really hope we can work out all these kinks and get this project back on track. This is Son's book and I did this with india ink and alcohol markers. I'll post the progress as soon as I make some !


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who Has Who's Book???

Hey gang... yes I know my last post was a big fat 'give up', but now I am just thinking that perhaps if we can figure out where the heck all these books are then I may stay as these portrait exchanges are a hoot. Part of the reason I just wanted to go was that I haven't had a book in almost a year so it just seemed kind of an annoying thing in the back of my mind. The exchange seems really active on the other side of the rotation, but I haven't seen and posts from a couple of members ahead of me for ages? Is there a backlog of books somewhere???
Please write after your name who's book(s) you have. Then we will know where the missing books are, and or the hold up in the rotation.

Claire - mine... will send back to Josh if we can figure out who has all the missing books ;)
Emon Xie - none
Death by Monkeys - none
Julie - Josh Burggraf, Morissa
Rob - Son
Josh - none
Jennifer - Emon
Morissa -
LarsPowderdry - none (sent Jennifer's book to Son 1-2 months ago)
Sonsational -

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creative Hiatus...

Hey guys n' Gals... I still haven't had a book since November of last year. This is such a great group of folks, but perhaps if the books cruised along a little quicker, my creative energy may have stayed... but mine has fizzled! My summer sailing trip made me realize that I really enjoyed doing 'nothing' (and would love to spend more time doing it)! I sadly think it is time for me to shut down my involvement in these exchanges... my plate is full enough, and I am really wanting to simplify! These exchanges are supposed to be fun, but I just don't like the feeling that they are something I HAVE to do (even though I haven't had one from this exchange in a while), amongst all my other "have to do's". Sorry guys... hope you can still keep it going! Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed doodling with you all... :)

Who has mine? I can send you my address if you just want to send it back to me...